Fun Props for Outdoor Family Photography

Fun Props for Outdoor Family Photography

Outdoor Family Photography

When it comes to outdoor family photography, you might think that you don’t need props. Between the gorgeous setting and the adorable family, you have everything that you need for an amazing and memorable photo shoot. While this is true, adding a few well-planned props can be a great way to personalize the photo shoot and capture special memories for the family who is being photographed.


Let Kids Be Kids

If the youngest members of the family have a beloved stuffed animal, blanket, or other type of lovey, be sure to include it in the pictures. Not only is their lovey an authentic part of the family’s day-to-day life, capturing it in a photograph will help the family look back on their child’s younger years and remember their child’s security blanket.

Take Advantage of the Setting

If the park where you are shooting has a fabulous bench, backs up to a lake, or is the home to a great playground, use these built-in props to enhance your photo shoot. Capture the family playing on the swings, hanging out by the water, and lounging on a park bench. Even natural props, such as a giant mud puddle, can be a great addition to your session.

Dress Up the Baby

Newborn photo shoots are incredibly popular, and for good reason. It is important to capture the freshness of a new baby and get some great shots of the growing family. For this reason, it is always a good idea to bring props that will highlight the baby of the family. For newborns, this may mean a rustic basket and soft blanket. For older babies, it could mean a fancy diaper cover and a tie, a funny hat, or just a favorite toy or accessory.

Consider the Season

Fall is an especially popular time for outdoor family photography sessions. This is mostly due to the amazing foliage and backdrop that is available at this time of year. Fall also lends itself to great photo props, including wagons, pumpkins, hay bales, and apples. Pose the family in a pile of leaves, capture kids snacking on crisp apples and let the little ones climb a pile of hay bales. Summer time is the perfect time to capture kids as they run through sprinkles and snack on frozen popsicles or ice cream. Be sure to bring along a photo light stand suitable for outdoors to account for shadows and lighting quirks that may be caused by the props that you are using.